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 Do you ever ask yourself these questions... How can I have a little more balance in my life & career and do it with joy?  I want more confidence and clarity in life and my career.  I know there is a better way, and a better version of ME, but I seem to be treading in the same place, not making any real progress?

Net Life. Net Income.  

Join the journey with Jacqui Bowman Coach and experience the #MommaBearEffect!  

30 minute Planning Brainstorm (FREE Video & Download) 

Have a quick goal that you want to accomplish? Questioning if its possible? Asking where to start?  Do you have a deadline you need to meet and just not sure how you will get it done? Are you doubting yourself? Is it a wish, or a plan?  Click here to download a 10 minute video and 20 minute exercise on how to get clarity, certainty and the road map to actually execute and accomplish your goal! 


Member, Groups, and Individual

What are the Options of Coaching with Jacqui?

Den Membership

$88 a month. Jacqui shares all as a mother, wife, real estate agent, & coach. Weekly 15-20 minute recorded video and audio file emailed to you to start off your week right! Twice a month a bonus biz video and recording on growing your biz, leadership, and experimentation. Learn from my mistakes as I go uncensored and share with you parts of my journey only subscribers can see.  Access to online materials and resouces. Fresh and new monthly project/assignment/exercise that will keep your life and biz moving forward. Implement ONE thing a month! Also might be able to get PapaBear Bowman to Join us! 

#TakeAction #BeYou #LiveBetter #MommaBearEffect #BeReal 

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MommaBear Groups

$295 a month. Small group of 10 women become sisters and a family. (We will have one co-ed/or mens group as well.) Experience all that the Den Membership has to offer. In addition you will fill out a questionnaire addressing your largest life roadblocks, business goals, obstacles, and explore your perfect and ideal schedule, income and vision for years to come. Weekly 1 hour in depth coaching calls with 9 other like minded women. Experience very intimate live video coaching focused on YOU, in front of the group. We can all learn from each other. Each week a different participant will be in the center of the coaching cuddle as we transition her through to the next level within herself or her business. 

#ChangingLivesTogether #Family #VibeTribe 

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One on One Coaching

$995 a month. You will have the opportunity to coach directly with Jacqui in either a video conference, or by phone. During these sessions she will help you get clarity, direction and make your goals simple.  She can change your mindset in any situation and set out a clear path for the future. With the assistance of Jacqui, you will be spending time in discussion with yourself, think properly, make small commitments that will add up to you accomplishing anything you choose to!

 "When things seem overwhelming and out of control, Jacqui has a way of sorting through the chaos and making me feel great about what I am actually accomplishing. By the end of my call I feel calm, in control and ready to take on my next steps. My life has completely changed in 5 short months, I'm in control and meeting my business goals!"

 (Coaching Client, Anna) 

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Discover what coaching style is right for you? One on One or MammaBear Groups? 

If you are considering coaching and want to experience coaching with Jacqui, please click here and schedule a complimentary discovery call. She will discuss your accomplishments past 12 months, and your goals for the next 12 months or even something you are focused on now. You will be able to get a considerable amount of clarity from her in just a quick 30 minute phone call. She will pour her heart into you and empower you to move forward. At the end of the call, you will be able to with confidence know if this program will get you the results you are looking for, or not. This is an experiment on both sides to see if you are a good fit as well! 


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